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I. Basic Information

Unlike in Pre-Renewal, leveling and gaining experience now in Renewal has been drastically changed. If before, a Level 20 Archer character could kill and level up very fast in Geographers or Droseras, now, it is not possible anymore in renewal. It is because of the adjustments and penalties in the Experience Gained by a character. The EXP Gain rule right now in Renewal tells that:


"A character should only battle monsters within their LEVEL RANGE in order for them to get the MOST OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE GAIN possible."

The following table should tell us more (source rode-r.doddlercon.com)

FORMULA = Monster level - Your level

LEVEL experience
> 16 40%
15 115%
14 120%
13 125%
12 130%
11 135%
10 140%
9 135%
8 130%
7 125%
6 120%
5 115%
4 110%
3 105%
2 100%
1 100%
0 100%
-1 100%
-2 100%
-3 100%
-4 100%
-5 100%
-6 95%
-7 95%
-8 95%
-9 95%
-10 95%
-11 90%
-12 90%
-13 90%
-14 90%
-15 90%
-16 85%
-17 85%
-18 85%
-19 85%
-20 85%
-21 60%
-22 60%
-23 60%
-24 60%
-25 60%
-26 35%
-27 35%
-28 35%
-29 35%
-30 35%
< -30 10%

The table above specifies the LEVEL RANGE of the character and the monster being hunted/killed. To further explain the table above, refer to the quote below.

"For a character to get optimal experience that could be gained from a monster, a player should be 15 levels less or 5 levels more from a target monster. For Instance, In terms of monster's level, A level 80 Goat would give OPTIMAL EXPERIENCES to those players who are ranging from Level 65-85. As level 65 would mean 15 levels below a monster and level 85 would mean 5 levels above a monster. On the other hand, in terms of the player's level, A level 54 Character should only kill monsters from Level 49-69 if he wants to get the MOST OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE GAIN that is possible to be given by a monster to the player. Take note that IF a player is more than 5 levels above a target monster, the experience gain will start to drop from 5% to 90%. And if a player is more than 15 levels below a target monster, the experience gain will drastically drop."

To have more information about the monsters level. Proceed to http://rode-r.doddlercon.com/monster/

II. Notable Leveling Spots

The following table would show my version of SOME NOTABLE LEVELING SPOTS. Note: The table should only serve as a guide. I am not dictating everyone who reads this to follow what is being noted below. It will still be up to you if you will follow my guide or you have your own maps in mind to level up on.

Please note that I also consider those fields who holds Novice Training Monsters as "Training Grounds" *
Also note that Scaraba Hole is not-existent yet as of the moment (kindly clarify this). The description provided above for Scaraba hole is based on a private server forum (wont be defined here anymore)
Thanatos Tower from floors 3 and above is inaccessible due to an unknown reason (kindly clarify this again

IV. Guide for Advanced Leveling for Advanced Levels.

This section contains a much-detailed guide for leveling up on those who are higher in levels as leveling with higher levels is much daunting than leveling a low to mid level character. This part states the [Leveling Spot] [Levels with Optimal Experience Gain] [Monsters] [Notes to ponder before you go there].

A. Ice Cave 3 [Optimal Experience Gain: Level 95-115]

Main Monster: ICE TITAN ||Annoyances: GAZETI
Notes to Ponder: - To maximize one's experience gain, a player is recommended to solo in here. Though Even-Sharing must not be counted out. - A Player should have enough flee to evade the monsters in here as a single hit would really hurt the HP pool. - Beware of the mobs in some parts of this dungeon. Specially mobs of Gazeti's as it will not permit you to move swiftly when caught, except for those who have the Endure skill enabled. - Ktullanux also spawns in this dungeon via a quest, so beware of it too. - You should have enough Restoration Potions to able to survive the dungeon if you are soloing. -
Recommended Attack: Wind Property Attacks -
Recommended Jobs: All

B. Magma Dungeon 1 [Optimal Experience Gain: Level 88-108]

Main Monster: LAVA GOLEM || Annoyances: EXPLOSION (Bomb Attack)
Notes to Ponder: - A player is recommended to have a Fire-Property Armor equipped as monsters here sometimes attacks with powerful fire property offense. - This map has average spawn rate. So you can freely roam around without being mobbed by bunch of monsters which is advantageous to those who have high flee. - As a contradict to the above note, avoid being mobbed by Lava Golems. Lava Golems have 2 Blazzer Slaves. So 3 or more Lava Golems on you will mean 9 or more monsters already mobbing you which would bring you in sort of trouble. - Also, explosions are annoying specially when they cast Bomb on you. Bomb is a powerful ground attack which can kill a low HP-Pool player in a nic of time. But fire armors can reduce the damage taken from this skill.
- Recommended Attack: Water Property Attacks - Recommended Jobs: All

C. Magma Dungeon 2 [Optimal Experience Gain: Level 92-112]

Main Monster: NIGHTMARE TERROR || Annoyances: NIGHTMARE TERROR (Mental Breaker}/DELETER (Fire Wall)
Notes to Ponder: - This map is full of mobs. So a party is recommended for survival. - Soloing is also possible if a player has Area of Effect (AoE) skills. - When going solo, one should be aware that Lots of Potions and Supplies will be burned in every travel in this dungeon. - In party leveling, one should be aware that mobs come out simultaneously. So a continous skill casting is recommended. - A party could be consist of 2-6 players for more maximized EXP gain. AoE Offense Players should not be discounted in the party as they will be the main offensive of the team. - Soloists should bring lots of SP Restoration Potion since the skill MENTAL BREAKER of NIGHTMARE TERROR burns a lot of SP. - When soloing, never run from mobs. Just drown yourself on potions when being mobbed while casting your AoE skill. - When luring monsters to a party, never run very far from your party. And beware that the FIRE WALL of the DELETER will prevent you on running and may get you mobbed.
- Recommended Attack: Area of Effect Attacks - Recommended Jobs: Any Jobs capable of AoE Skills.

D. Juperos Dungeon 1 [Optimal Experience Gain: Level 98-118]

Main Monster: VENATU || Annoyances: DIMIK
Notes to Ponder: - This map is full of mobs. So a party is recommended for survival. - Soloing is also possible. But unlike in Magma Dungeon 2, this map requires soloists to have higher HP pool and higher defenses as monsters here are much stronger and different in elements. - When going solo, one should bring enough Restorative Potions for survival. - A party should consist a lurer, a AoE Offensive and a Support cast. - It is recommended to get 2-3 party members to get a maximized experience gain. - Soloists should have a fast-kill ability. Because if a monster will not be killed quickly, the mobs can quickly accumulate which can bring a player in trouble.
- Recommended Attack: Area of Effect Attacks - Recommended Jobs (For Party): Archbishop, Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Mechanic, Sorcerer, Ranger/Sniper, Wanderer/Maestro, Warlock/High Wizard, Genetic and SC.
- Recommended Jobs (For Soloing): Mechanic, Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Genetic.

E. Juperos Dungeon 3 [Optimal Experience Gain: Level 104-124]

Main Monster: ARCHDAM/DIMIK.
Notes to Ponder: - You should be aware that before you can enter this map, a Quest should be completed. - This map is also full of mobs, so a party is very much recommended. - Soloing is much harder in here as lots of mobs in here are long-ranged. But it can be at ease when one has the Endure skill enabled. - A party should consist a AoE offensive and a Support. - The Support (Arch Bishop) should always cast Pneuma every once in a while. - A soloist should have Anodyne or Eddga Card compunded Shoes for him to have Endure skill enabled. Also, the Pneuma Clip will be very useful here. Without those items, survival is very hard when soloing.
- Recommended Attack: Area of Effect Attacks. - Recommended Jobs: Jobs with Higher HP Pool.

F. Cursed Monastery 2 [Optimal Experience Gain: Level 109-129]

Main Monster: ZOMBIE SLAUGHTER || Annoyances: NECROMANCER (Quagmire)
Notes to Ponder: - You should be aware that before you can enter this map, a one-time Quest should be completed. - This map is a very technical and demanding map. So only determined players can have a chance to survive here. - This map has full of strong monsters appearing in mobs. So a party is very much recommended. - Soloing can be possible. But it is only limited to those who are well equipped and well supplied. - One should also be aware that the MVP Fallen Bishop is appearing in this map. Once spotted, you should run away or else, unready parties would be wiped out. - Recommended Attacks: Area of Effect, Holy Property Attacks. - Recommended Jobs: Jobs with Higher HP Pool.

G. Thanatos Tower - Upper Levels from 7F-12F [Optimal Experience Gain: Level 115-130]

Main Monsters: ALL
Notes to Ponder: - You should be aware that before you can enter this map, a simultaneous Quest should be started. - Like the Cursed Monastery, this is an advanced map. So only well-equip player/s can survive in here. - Soloing can be possible in here. But it is not recommended as a single player cannot enter the Upper Level of the tower. - A party could opt to stay at the earlier levels of the upper tower for leveling purposes. But they can also opt to go all the way to the top to meet the MVP Thanatos.
- Recommended Attacks: Area of Effect, Shadow/Undead Attacks. - Recommended Jobs: Jobs with Higher HP Pool.

H. Biolabs 2-3 [Optimal Exp Gain: Biolabs 2: 121-141 / Biolabs 3: 126-150]

Main Monsters:
ALL Notes to Ponder: - You should be aware that before you can enter this map, a one-time Entrance Quest should be completed. - This is one of the maps that holds the strongest normal monsters in game. So one should be well-equipped and well-supplied before entering here. - Party leveling is recommended in here although Soloing will maximize the experience gain. - Be aware that MVP Egnigem Cenia appears at Biolabs 2 and Transcendent MVP Monsters spawns at Bio 3. - One is recommended to equip a Thara-Frog card compunded shield before entering here to further reduce the damage being taken from the monsters. - Monsters here appears in mobs at certain areas. So Area of Effect offensives will be very much useful in here. - Ghost monsters exists in here. So better endow your weapon with any Element to nullify the Neutrality of your attack. - It is not recommended to engage monsters here in normal battle as they use lots of skills. Better neutralize them at the soonest possible time to reduce the risk of having them cast stronger skills on you. - Long-Range monsters are very much spread out in these dungeons. So Pnuema and Endure skills are much useful in these instances. - In Biolabs 3, one should use skills that IGNORES the FLEE of a monster as some monsters here use a ridiculous AGI UP skill that doubles their flee making it impossible to be hit upon.
- Recommended Attacks: Area of Effect, Single-Strike Powerful Attack, Attacks which are anti-Human, Attacks that Ignores FLEE of the monsters. - Recommended Jobs: Jobs with Higher Defense and HP Pool.

I. Thor's Volcano 1 [Optimal Exp Gain: Level 131-140]

Notes to Ponder: - Like the Biolabs, this area contains those strongest monsters in-game. So it will be much better if a player is well-equipped and well-supplied. - A Party is very much recommended in here. - If one wants to Maximize the Experience Gain, soloing is an option. - Soloists should have their Higest HP Pool possible for their character if they want to survive this dungeon. - Individuals are advised to wear their Fire Property Armors as lots of monsters in here strikes a powerful Fire Elemental Attack. - Be aware of the Guardians as they can kill your character in an instant. - Salamanders also exist in this map. One could possibly kill it but it is only limited to those who are well-equipped and well-supplied. - Mobs of Monsters exists in some parts of the dungeon. So one should avoid those mobs as there is no way that one can survive them (Specially when Guardians are there) - Also avoid Bow Guardians, specially if you dont have a Pnuema Skill casted on you or an Endure Skill enabled. Bow Guardians are fast attackers in a vast range. So it will not permit you to move swiftly, which may get you mobbed at an instance. - Kasa also casts Clashing Spiral which is a very powerful attack. To further reduce that attack, one is advised to wear an Alligator Card-Compounded Accessory. - To further reduce the damage being taken from most of the monsters there, one is advised to equip an Alice Card-Compounded Shield as most of the monsters here are Boss Type Monsters.
- Recommended Attacks: Water Property Attacks, Area of Effect, Single-Strike Powerful Attack.
- Recommended Jobs: Genetic, Mechanic, Warlock, Ranger, Rune Knight, Royal Guard. Players with Higher HP Pool and Capable of Tanking monsters there.

V. Additional Notes

A. Tips, Tricks and Walkthroughs
- I recommend you to use Advanced Field Manuals and Job Manuals at the same time to maximize your Job Level Gain.
- When your character had died while in the middle of the Advanced Field Manual Usage, you can always do Quests (Example: Daily Quests) Immediately after dying so that you can still capitalize on the AFM that you had used.
- You dont need to worry about losing EXP in Juperos Dungeon Levels 1-3 because there is no EXP loss there as of the moment. But I am hearing something that it was just a form of Bug or something. It is yet to be confirmed.
- For much higher levels (141+) with enough offensive power, MVP leveling is much recommended. Although it can be a very daunting task specially when searching in dungeons.
- Use Renewal Database Engines for RO to know more about the monster's experience rate. And take note of the ratio of experience against the monster's HP to know if it is worth hunting it or not.
- Never leave monsters that uses heal and teleport when you are in the middle of battling them. Once the monster teleports and heals itself and it is killed by another player, you wont be able to gain experience from that monster at all. Even the monster that you damage is in sight.
- Same essence with the note above, when a monster that you already damaged teleports away from you, and it is killed by another player, you wont get any experience when the monster is outside your 27 x 27 proximity radius. Even it does not heal itself.
- Also, when party leveling, never go very far away from the party. I believe that when a party member is outside the 27 x 27 proximity radius, the said player will not get any EXP from a killed monster by your partymate. Except for the Endless Tower. (This is a BUG, and I think it is already addressed and fixed.)
- Never die in the middle of a battle of your party to a monster. Once a monster dies and you are also dead, you wont be able to get any experience. (But you are still counted in the party so the division of experience in Even Share mode is still in-effect)
- When MVP Leveling, and you had died, then another player had killed the MVP. Even you are resurrected before the MVP is killed, you wont get any experience unless you damage the MVP once again. (Except in the cases of you are the MVP because you had damaged the monster more)

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