March 04, 2012

Ragnarok Guarana Quest

After finishing the Guarana Ragnarok Quest, you can now buy a Guarana fruit for 500z, but on some servers it’s 4000Z. The Guarana fruit increases your attack speed. You need to find the legendary Guarana boy and speak with several animals.

Ragnarok Guarana Quest Rewards

  • 50,000 Base experience
  • Ability to buy Guarana – Increase your attack speed. Guarana does not stacked with other consumable items that enhances attack speed

Ragnarok Guarana Quest

1. Start the Guarana Ragnarok Quest by speaking with the Candy Maker (brasilis 187, 161) in Brasilis. Continue talking by choosing Isn't there way to try taste of guarana? Then ask him how to find Guarana. He refers you to Chetro

2. Chetro (bra_in01 95, 178) is in the Brasilis Museum (brasilis 150, 162). Head upstairs and enter the portal to the right. He is on the upper side of the room. Ask him about the Guarana and he tells you that Guarana does not grow in Brasilis anymore. He will then tell you about the Guarana Kid who can talk to the animals.

3. The Guarana kid (brasilis 204, 64) is standing by the shore. Try to talk to him and ask him everything starting from his name, how old is he, what he’s doing then finally stop talking. The Guarana Kid only answers with animal sounds

4.  Go back to Chetro in the Brasilis Museum and tell him about the boy. He refers you to Magician Paje.

5. Magician  Paje (brasilis 57, 224) is in the west part of Brasilis. He shall cast a spell on you to be able to understand the animals. Just for fun, after you finish talk to him, click on him and he shall change the poring in front of him into a different monster.

6. Exit Brasilis to the north and headover to the brasilis field. Walk near Tucan (bra_fild01 75, 32) and continue talking to him until he gives you a feather. He will then warp you near the Jaguar.

8. Continue the Guarana Quest by clicking on the monkey (bra_fild01 243, 51). Continue talking to him until he gives you a grape step.

9. Go back to the Guarana kid and give him the items. He shall reward you with 1 Guarana Fruit

10. Go back to the candy maker and you shall receive your first Guarana Candy.  From now on, you can buy Guarana Candy for 4000Z [500Z on some servers] as you finished the Guarana Ragnarok Quest.

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