March 04, 2012

The Geffen Bard Quest

As an adventurer, you may get to talk to a lot of NPCs while playing. Errende, is a singing bard in Geffen, located near the lower Kafra. The rewards may not be great, but it's a good feeling when you get to help other people (or NPCs for that matter.)

Talk to the bard and ask for his name. Ask him to sing a funny song.

He'll sing for you, but then it seems that he had forgotten a few lyrics.
He asks if you'd be able to help him. Being a helpful adventurer, you agree to do so.

He'll ask you to head to Payon and look for Gunther Doubleharmony.
You'll be asking for a song with the first line, "At one, I fell in love".
Remember to tell Gunther that Minty Errende sent you.

Gunther will write the lyrics on your back, and send you off back to Errende.
Returning to Errende, you show Gunther's scribbles.
Errende reads the lyrics and said that it is a wrong version. The lyrics were no longer a love song.

Volunteer to help him find out the true lyrics of the song.

(At this point you can return to Gunther and ask who changed the song, or just tell Minty Errende that it was Kino Kitty)

He now asks you to find Kino Kitty. If he changed the lyrics, he must have known the real lyrics.
Your next itinerary would be the Monster Research Organization in Yuno (95 184).
(I recommend that you save your warp point in Juno. The quest requires you to return here later and you can just use a Butterfly Wing instead of Warping yourself from town to town. But then again, that'll be your choice.)

Go inside the building, talk to the Representative and ask for Kino Kitty.

Marlin Putuir (the Representative) will tell you Kino Kitty left a note that he'll be off to the desert. Of course, that could only mean Kino Kitty is now in Morroc.

There is a bard is beside a young girl in Morroc, just apologize for bothering him and ask if he knows Kino Kitty

He'll tell you that he's the one you're looking for. (He's sick though, poor poor Kino..)
He further explains that he did change the lyrics, and all Eddas contain his version.
He mentions to you that if you'd like to know the real lyrics, you can check the old books.

Go back to Errende and tell him what happened, of course, you'll help him get the original lyrics,

Errende now marks your left arm with a Crescent Moon. Proceed to Yuno, and wander around to look for a bookstore.

Enter and talk to the Old Man. He will not let you read the books unless he can prove that you are a friend.
Show him your left arm, where Errende left the mark, and he'll give you access to the books.

Investigate the Old Book over and over again until you obtain the full lyrics.
Once done, return to Errende.

He'll be very happy to know the original lyrics, and sing about the Apple of Idun for you

Once he finishes the song, you obtain a small amount of experience (I think it was around 200k)

Cooking Master Girl!, Complete Cooking Quest Guide

Cooking Quest

Ever wonder how they make that +10 Dex foods? Want to make one? Here's how. (You must at least be level 5O to do this quest in order for you to wear the Chef hat.)

1. Go to Prontera Castle. Upon entering, go to the left side. Enter the portal (Prontera Castle (prt_castle): 84, 30). You'll see three NPCs.

2. Talk to Madeleine Chu (Prontera Castle (prt_castle): 45, 35) and choose the option "I want to learn cooking too!". She will direct you to Sir Charles Orleans who stands near her (Prontera Castle (prt_castle): 43, 30). Be sure to wear your Chef Hat before talking to Sir Charles. (If not, he'll just ask you who is the little girl standing beside him. Plus "bobolahin" ka n'ya. Lol!)

3. Talk to Sir Charles Orleans. Choose the "Wait, don't you remember me?" option. He will ask you to bring ingredients which you will use to make a level 1 dish later on. Be sure to write down the ingredients because he will only tell it to you once. Just in case you've forgotten, you can ask Madeleine Chu for the ingredients. Just select what food Sir Charles told you to make. (Share ko lang pic ni Sir Charles. Ang wafu eh. :D )

4. After gathering the items, return to Sir Charles. Talk to him and he will teach you how to cook the dish (He will select either of the six level 1 cooked foods for you to cook.) You have the food to keep and Sir Charles will tell you to keep on practicing.

5. Talk to Madeleine Chu. She's glad that Sir Charles has finally taught you how to cook and will give you a Level 1 Cookbook and 10 Outdoor Cooking kits to practice on. You actually have to cook all the level 1 dishes (Luk+1, Vit+1, Int+1, Str+1, Agi+1 and Dex+1). You can always go back to Madeleine Chu if you ran out of Outdoor Cooking kit. (Sold for 500z each)

Here's a list of level 1 cooked foods.

• Items Needed: 1 Bag of Grain; 10 Spawns; 1 Squid Ink

• Items Needed: 1 Honey; 2 Grapes; 1 Red Potion

• Items Needed: 10 Nipper; 10 Green Herb; 1 Yellow Potion

• Items Needed: 3 Grapes; 2 Red Potions

• Items Needed: 5 Grasshopper Leg; 1 Old Frying Pan; 1 Cooking Oil

• Items Needed: 5 Yoyo Tails; 1 Old frying Pan; 1 Cooking Oil

6. After cooking all the dishes, go back to Madeleine Chu. Choose the option "Will you try the food I cooked?". She will ask you a favor first, that is, to go to her friend in Payon who was once a student of Sir Charles. Madeleine Chu will take the six foods you made and wrap it in a bag. After she hands it over, go to Payon.

7. Look for a Servant named Chulsoo (Payon Town (payon): 209, 127). Choose the option "Actually, Madeleine sent me..." He will take it and give you Traditional Rice Cake as a reward.

Ragnarok Find my Dog Daily Quest

Ragnarok Find my Dog Daily Quest Reward
  • 50,000 Base Experience
Ragnarok Find my Dog Daily Quest

The Find my Dog Ragnarok Quest can be repeated after 24 hours of completing it. This Ragnarok Quest is best to do most especially if you are leveling at Brasilis field. Some of the monsters in this area are aggressive. You need to be at least in level 70 so you could easily kill the monsters with no sweat.

1. Start the Ragnarok Find my Dog Quest by speaking with Angelo (brasilis  298, 307) in Brasilis Town. He asks for your hep in looking for his three dogs

2.  Exit the Brasilis town to the north to find his three dogs in Brasilis Field. The location of these dogs are in random. If someone found the dog before you, they will disappear and you have to look for another location.

Exit the Brasilis town

Possible Location of the dogs

3. Go back to Angelo after finding three dogs. You will receive 50,000 Base Experience as Ragnarok Find my Dog Quest Reward. Also, your character would look like the one who receive an Assumptio. This is not a skill though. You can repeat Find My Dog Quest after 24 hours.

Ragnarok Guarana Quest

After finishing the Guarana Ragnarok Quest, you can now buy a Guarana fruit for 500z, but on some servers it’s 4000Z. The Guarana fruit increases your attack speed. You need to find the legendary Guarana boy and speak with several animals.

Ragnarok Guarana Quest Rewards

  • 50,000 Base experience
  • Ability to buy Guarana – Increase your attack speed. Guarana does not stacked with other consumable items that enhances attack speed

Ragnarok Guarana Quest

1. Start the Guarana Ragnarok Quest by speaking with the Candy Maker (brasilis 187, 161) in Brasilis. Continue talking by choosing Isn't there way to try taste of guarana? Then ask him how to find Guarana. He refers you to Chetro

2. Chetro (bra_in01 95, 178) is in the Brasilis Museum (brasilis 150, 162). Head upstairs and enter the portal to the right. He is on the upper side of the room. Ask him about the Guarana and he tells you that Guarana does not grow in Brasilis anymore. He will then tell you about the Guarana Kid who can talk to the animals.

3. The Guarana kid (brasilis 204, 64) is standing by the shore. Try to talk to him and ask him everything starting from his name, how old is he, what he’s doing then finally stop talking. The Guarana Kid only answers with animal sounds

4.  Go back to Chetro in the Brasilis Museum and tell him about the boy. He refers you to Magician Paje.

5. Magician  Paje (brasilis 57, 224) is in the west part of Brasilis. He shall cast a spell on you to be able to understand the animals. Just for fun, after you finish talk to him, click on him and he shall change the poring in front of him into a different monster.

6. Exit Brasilis to the north and headover to the brasilis field. Walk near Tucan (bra_fild01 75, 32) and continue talking to him until he gives you a feather. He will then warp you near the Jaguar.

8. Continue the Guarana Quest by clicking on the monkey (bra_fild01 243, 51). Continue talking to him until he gives you a grape step.

9. Go back to the Guarana kid and give him the items. He shall reward you with 1 Guarana Fruit

10. Go back to the candy maker and you shall receive your first Guarana Candy.  From now on, you can buy Guarana Candy for 4000Z [500Z on some servers] as you finished the Guarana Ragnarok Quest.

How to go to Turtle Island Quest

How to go to Turtle Island Quest Requirements
  • None
How to go to Turtle Island Quest

Turtle Island is a wonderful place to level most especially for hunter class on tur_dun01 and monk class for tur_dun02 and onwards.  The Turtle Island is easy to go to, you just have to finish the Turtle Island Quest which is practically just by speaking with Grandpa in Alberta Inn.

Turtle Island Quest

1. Start the Turtle Island Quest by speaking with Turtle Grandpa in Alberta Inn. Choose the option Um.. can you tell me more about the Turtle Island, then choose Yes ! Tell me aout it! I’m ready t go anytime! Listen to his story and talk to him again. Choose How can I get to Turtle Island.

2. Go to Alberta Dock and speak with Gotanblue. Choose How do I get to Turtle Island? You have to pay 10,000 in order to go to the Turtle Island.

No More Lonely Knights Delivery Quest

No More Lonely Knights Delivery Quest Requirements
  • None
No More Lonely Knights Delivery Quest Rewards
  • Warp Ticket(s)
  • Base & Job Experience
No More Lonely Knights Delivery Quest Prerequisite
No More Lonely Knights Delivery Quest Guide

No More Lonely Knights Quest or Message Delivery Quest requires you to deliver a letter or a fan mail to be exact to any of the 5 Lonely Knights based on your base level. The Lonely Knights are in Alberta, Izlude, Treasure Island and Turtle Island. Also, they will require you with a certain number of Warp Tickets as well

No More Lonely Knights Delivery Quest

1. Start the Message Delivery Quest in Alberta by speaking with the Messenger Girl. Choose Sure! I’d love to help! And you will be given an option among the 5 letters on whom you want to deliver a letter to. Choose your answer based on your base level.

2. Go and deliver the letter to the Lonely Knight of your choice. Upon delivering the letter to the Lonely Knight of your choice, you shall receive a certain amount of Warp Ticket and base and job experiences.

Sir Donovan in Alberta – Level 1~20 – 141 Base EXP, 100 Job EXP

Sir Richard in Treasure Island – Level 21~40 – 1,500 Base EXP, 1,000 Job EXP + 1 Warp Free Ticket

Sir Lion in Prontera – Level 41~60 – 16,509 Base EXP, 10,000 Job EXP + 1 Warp Free Ticket

Sir Midetz in Izlude – Level 61~80 -160,308 Base EXP, 100,000 Job EXP + 1 Warp Free Ticket

Sir Grevious in Turtle Island – Level 81+ 500,000 Base EXP, 150,000 Job EXP + 2 Warp Free Ticket

You can repeat the Ragnarok No more lonely knights delivery quest after 20 hours. Look on your respective quest window(Alt + U) if the 20 hours has passed. You may talk to the Message Delivery Girl to start again

Swab the Deck Ragnarok Daily Quest

Swab the Deck Daily Quest Requirements 
  •   None
Swab the Deck Ragnarok Daily Quest Rewards:
  • Base & Job EXP
  • 1 Shiny Bead
  • Able to exchange beads to headgear

Swab the Deck Ragnarok Daily Quest Guide
The Swap the Deck Quest is a Ragnarok Daily Quest that has a time interval of 20 hours between the quest.
It requires you to Swab the Deck with Sticky Rats and in exchange you will be given shiny beads that you can collect and exchange for rare headgears.

Ragnarok  Swab the Deck Daily Quest

1. Start the Swab the Deck daily Quest in Alberta by speaking with First Mate (alberta 104, 60) .
 He will ask your help to catch Sticky Rats. Choose Um, yeah Sure.You will receive a Leaf Cat Ball

2.  Enter the Alberta Ship and catch those Sticky Rats at the lower deck. Alberta Ship – You may enter either of the portal

3. Hit the Sticky Rat a few times (hit mine with 150 damage each for 12 times)and then try to catch it using the Leaf Cat Ball. It is just like taming a monster so you may fail sometimes. If you fail, go back to the First Mate to receive another Leaf Cat Ball. If you succeed, you shall receive a Mystic Leaf Cat Ball

4. Return to the First Mate to receive 1 Shiny Bead and some Base EXP and JOB Exp as your Swab the Deck Daily Quest reward. You may repeat this Daily Quest after 20 hours.

Swab the Deck Ragnarok Daily Quest Claiming Rewards

There are two ways to claim your rewards depending on your reward choice – either speak with the First Mate or Second Mate

1.The First Mate (alberta 104, 60)
  • 2 Blue Potions (1 Shiny Bead)
  • Voyage Hat (30 Shiny Beads)
2. The Second Mate (alberta 107, 59). He’s just below the First Mate

  • 1 Blood Admiral’s Hat (50 Shiny Beads)
  • 1 Navy Blue Beret (50 Shiny Beads)
  • 1 Sailor’s Bandana (50 Shiny Beads)
  • 2 Blue Potion (1 Shiny Bead)
  • 1 Voyage Hat (30 Shiny Beads)
  • 1 Sea Cat Hat (50 Shiny Beads)